BR-B160-03-B – SHORT TOW-BAR H160

BR-B160-03-B – Short tow-bar H160

Ref : BR-B160-03-B

Applicability :


The Tow-bar is a rigid stowage device that attaches to the nose gear and tractor to move the helicopter from point A to point B.

Installation feasible by an operator on flat ground and with good weather conditions. 2 operators are needed for an installation in bad weather or inclined ground. The 2nd operator should be used to guide the operator installing the bar.

Additional spare parts FUSE-SET-160 (kit of 10 torsions and 10 tractions) can be purchased if necessary.


Weight of the tow bar : 38 kg
Dimensions : 2271 x 400 x 600 mm
Maximum load in traction : 1720 daN
Maximum load during turn : 1865 Nm

Informations complémentaires



38 kg


227.1 x 40 x 60 cm


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